Welcome to OliviaAliciaMai.com! 

Wow, where do I begin? I can tell you that writing contemporary romance/romantic suspense has been like a second skin for me writing as Samara King, but in my heart the call to go a different direction became too loud to ignore. For many years, writing historical romance was on my to-do-one-day list. Ever have one of those? As time goes by, you come back to maybe something you wrote down about doing said task only to have reality toss in your face just how much time has gone by. Maybe it’s do to the overcoming theme of 2020 – change! We’ve all been hit by that word in one way or another. Well, this was one of mine for 2020. Now, I’m not saying that you won’t see a Samara King title here or there, but my primary focus is historical romance. Pirates, cowboys, lawmen, bandits, businesswomen, seamstresses, restaurateurs, boardinghouse operators, heiresses I mean the list is endless and feels me with excitement to capture characters set in a series of time periods.  

What I’ve learned most during this year, is expressing gratitude for the gifts, talents and people in our lives. To do what you really love and stop putting it off because tomorrow isn’t promised. My to-do-one-day list now has a title “SpicySweetStuff”  (Okay, so maybe I was hungry when that name popped into my head) It’s my actionable list, within reason since the pandemic is live and direct everywhere, but I AM working on it, thus, working on myself and each day that passes I’m getting better at adding more joy into my life. I mean, isn’t that what life is about? Take a look at my new ring that puts it out there where my mind is.

You like?

On that note, welcome to my new site, as Olivia Alicia Mai, named after my great-grandmothers and maternal grandmother. It is my hope to bring the passion and fierceness that coursed through the veins of my characters and their tales before  you. What’s next? Character’s Behaving Badly podcast that will feature creative tidbits, affirmations for creatives or anyone really wanting to express their best self.  (I love affirmations) updates on works in progress from yours truly, crystals of the week and more! ‘

Love & Light